Advanced: Magefruit

Magic Fruit, also known as Magefruit, often grows in areas of high magic concentration. These fruits are also cultured by mages in their gardens. Magefruit can be used before or during battles. To be used, they must be mentioned in the original post made by the creature (ex. "Clancy eats a Green Magic Apple" or "Clancy has a Green Magic Apple with him.").

Percent increases are always taken out of current values when used during battle, not original values. If eaten during battle, the effects only affect events from that turn onward, not past turns. Eating a larger Magefruit takes up one turn in the battle, meaning you cannot eat a fruit and move on the same turn, UNLESS the Magefruit is a neraberry. Neraberries are the only Magefruits that allow you to eat and move on the same turn. The effects of these fruits only last for one battle.

Below are the types of known Magefruit. Each page will list the different known colors and their effects. If you have any questions, please email me or ask on the Battlefield.

Magic Apples
Magic Heracos
Magic Mangos
Magic Neraberries

If you have finished with the Magic Fruit, let's learn about some other items.

Page last updated: May 25, 2004