Basic: Battle

Battling your Eorlan is the first step you should take toward making your Eorlan grow. Life Points and Stats can be changed by battling your Eorlan on the Battlefield. Periodically, the Clan Leader will survey the Battlefield and hand out Experience Points and Life Points to the Eorlan who have been there and battled. These stat additions will be posted in the Eorl's Honor Updates forum. Life Points are added onto the Eorlan's current Life Point value. Experience Points can be divided into groups of 5 and put into different base stats (Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and Defense). They cannot be given out in a group less than 5, and up to 2 groups can be put into one stat. For example, if your Eorlan was given 15 Experience Points, it could put 5 points into three different stats, or 10 points into one and 5 points into a second. You could not put all 15 into one stat. Cunning cannot be added to with Experience Points, as it is the average of Speed and Intelligence.

If you have read the section describing stats, you should have a pretty good idea how this works. First, your Eorlan must issue a challenge or answer the challenge of another. If you wish to issue the challenge, you must make a post on the Battlefield with a topic that says you are issuing a challenge. Usually the form "Battle: Eorlan's Name?" is used. In the post, you must state your challenge and if there is a quox or item wager, say it. You may offer quox as a prize for battling you (ex. I will give 20q if you can beat me.). You may also ask that a bet be made (If you win, I give you 20q, but if I win, you must give me 20q). Of course, you may also battle without a wager or bet, as this is the best way to ensure that your challenge is open to everyone. Also, your post must contain your Eorlan's name, page address, and stat table, as well as an explanation of stats such as Strength, Cunning, and Attacks, like this:


Life Points: 100

Strength: 30 (every 3 turns, my Defense drops 10% of original; I may only use three damaging attacks in a row before I must rest or use a non-damaging attack)
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 30
Cunning: 35 (every 5 turns I may attack twice in one turn)
Defense: 20

Growl -- lowers Defense of opponent by 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage

Now you must wait for another to accept your challenge. If you wish to accept someone else's challenge, you must reply to their challenge post. Eorlan can battle any other creature of their age group. In your reply post, you must state that you accept the challenge and any terms/wagers/bets involved, and post your Eorlan's name, page address, and stat table (with explanations).

Once two creatures have agreed to battle, the one with the highest speed goes first. If the two creatures are equal in Speed, than the owner of the creature that issued the battle challenge must flip a coin. Heads, and the opponent goes first; tails and owner's own creature goes first. The creature that goes first must post its first attack/move (ex. "Clancy uses Nip (30 damage).") Then, it is the other creature's turn.

The other must first repost its stat table, with alterations for the damage. If Clancy was fighting an Eorlan with Life Points: 100 and Defense: 30, then his Nip attack would do 30 Damage - opponent's Defense/2, or 30 - (30/2) = 30 - (15) = 15. His attack would do 15 Damage. The other Eorlan would repost his stat table, and his Life Points would then be 85 (100-15). After reposting his stat table, the opponent would also state his move/attack for his turn.

In battle, the creatures trade turns until one reaches Life Points: 0. You must remember, however, to apply the effects of your creature's Strength and Cunning. When battling Clancy, his Strength (30) indicates that at the end of every 3rd turn, you would have to remember to lower his Defense by 2 points (10% of 20). Also, you must remember never to use damaging attacks more than three times in a row. His Cunning (35) indicates that every 5th turn you would have to remember that you could attack twice.

Please only have your Eorlan fighting in one battle at a time (as it wouldn't make sense to be fighting two at once...). Also, please try to reply to posts as soon as you can, so the battles don't drag on for too long. To see an example battle, please visit the Battlefield and check out the Instruction and Training section. Also, feel free to watch other battles going on at the Battlefield.

Once you've gotten the hang of battling, it can be great fun! You can buy attacks and items to help your Eorlan grow and battle more effectively. Also, once your Eorlan has gained an elemental spell, it can learn elemental attacks and participate in elemental battles, which are discussed in the "Advanced" section of this site. Here are some important basic rules to remember when battling:

Rules of the Battlefield

If you have questions or need help, please go to The Battlefield and post in the Instruction and Training forum, or directly contact me (email: , AOL Instant Messenger: indyana207 or SaiGirl207).

If you have read over the Basic section and have no further questions, I think you are ready to get started!

Page Last Updated: September 20, 2004