Expert: Tribes

"Tribe" is the term that refers to a sub-clan of Eorlan; they are groups of Eorlan formed below the Clan level. Eorlan in Tribes are still members of their larger Clan, but they now have a close knit family of other Eorlan to rely on. Tribes live together and help each other. Tribes also get benefits when breedings occur, getting preferential treatment over non-Tribe Eorlan breedings and having a higher chance of puppy mutations and special traits.

Each Tribe must start with an adult Leader. This Leader should be one of the older Eorlan, one with good leadership skills, and one who is strong and wise. The Leader must gain at least four Eorlan followers, and at least two of these followers must be adult Eorlan. It is recommended that the Tribe be a mixture of male and female Eorlan, but this is not required.

The Tribe must now choose a name and a symbol. Their name should be in the format of "Tribe of _______". You can have as many words as you like at the end, but usually one or two is sufficient. Then, a symbol must be chosen. A small representation of this symbol will be added to the Eorlan of Tribe next to their Clan sign, and all puppies born into the Tribe will also have this symbol. It is good for this symbol to be an item of some sort, something easy to make a small representation of. A small pixel image may be submitted to your Clan Leader by you, or your Clan Leader can make one for you. Tribes can have members from both Clans.

Finally, a Tribe page must be created. Usually the owner of the Tribe Leader will do this. This page (or pages, if you wish) must list all members of the Tribe with links to their home pages. It must list the Tribe Leader, with link to their home page. Finally, it must list any puppies born to the Tribe, as well as their parentage, and have links to their home pages. The Tribe page may be as simple or as intricate as you like. Images of the other owners' Eorlan may be used, as long as they are notified. Feel free to be creative and original. Feel free to create rules and requirements for your Tribe. Also, remember to put a link back to the Clan pages of the Eorlan in your Tribe.

When all this is done, submit the following to your Clan Leader:

Name of Tribe:
Tribe Leader: (Name, ID#)
Members: (Names, ID#s)
URL of Tribe Page:

When accepted, your Tribe will be added to the Tribe Listings, and your Tribe will enjoy the benefits of being a Tribe. All members of a Tribe should put a link to their Tribe on their home page!

Summary of Rules for Tribes

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