Basic: Getting Started

*Note: Eorl's Honor is not currently accepting new members! Please feel free to visit one of our affiliates and join with them instead.

New Members (no creatures)

If you are a new member, let's go over procedure. First, make sure you understand about Eorlan and battle. It is helpful if you read through the entire site first before joining! If you feel you are ready to join, here is the procedure.

First, please email me to say you would like to join (). This lets me know who is going to be joining, as well as lets me know that you will need a starter Eorlan pup. Include the following information:

Name: (your name, whatever name you would like me to use)
Email Address:
Website: (you need a webpage to post your Eorlan on!)
Colors: (choose three colors; your pup may have all or one of these colors)

Once you have done this, I will email you back and get you your first Eorlan pup. You must put this pup on a page with all the requirements (outlined in the code section). When you have done this, email me the page address and name for your Eorlan pup. Then, you may visit the board and set up an account.

Go to the Accounts forum and make a new account post. Include all the information suggested in the instruction post. This will include your name, email, current quox, and any items you have. If you are just starting out, you will start with 100q and no items. You will have your one Eorlan pup to list.

As time goes on, you will edit this post (you must be signed in to ezboard to do so). You should keep track of all quox and items acquired. Also, remember to remove any quox or items you have lost. Add any Eorlan you obtain as well. You can also include even more detailed information if you wish. This account post is for your own benefit. The Clan Leader keeps her own records of your activities. For Eorl's Honor, every so often, please check your account with my text records. Your text records are linked to your name in the Clan Records. I update these records as often as possible. If you find something amiss, please contact me so we can work it out. My text records are the official account information for you. If quox or items are not in your official text records, you cannot use them. My text records only list items from Eorl's Honor but should list all your quox, gained from all affiliates.

New Members with Accounts (other creatures, but no Eorlan)

If you have started an account on the board already through another affiliate site, you can get started with an Eorlan pup here at Eorl's Honor too. The process for obtaining a starter pup is the same as described above. Since you have an account already, you do not have to start a new account. Simply add a separate reply that lists your Eorlan and your Eorl's Honor items. You will receive 50 quox for joining Eorl's Honor; these quox simply get added to the quox you already list in your account.

Other Information

You can feel free to trade items and quox with other trainers either as simple trades or as battle prizes. You can earn more quox or items through battling and roleplaying. Quox are completely interchangable between affiliates. Items, however, may have certain rules about which species can use them. Be sure to check the affiliate sites to find out.

Occasionally, the Clan Leader will "drop" prizes on random trainers, as a fun gift. Periodically, quox will be awarded for battles and roleplaying. These quox awards will be posted in the Updates forums. I will award quox and experience for battles and roleplaying you have completed with Eorlan. Other Leaders will award quox and experience for their own creatures.

All these battling sites are a joint venture. The difference between the groups is in creatures, philosophy, items, elements, and the style. If you start an account on the board, you are able to buy from any sales and purchase items and creatures from any of the affiliates. It does not matter which site you originally email and get your starter creature from; it is your choice. Once you have joined the board, I will handle all stat additions and quox awards involving your Eorlan. I will also handle the addition of Eorl's Honor items to any creatures. Other leaders handle the stat additions and quox awards for their creatures, as well as handle all rules for and additions of their items.

If you are at all confused or have questions, contact me (email: , AIM: indyana207 or SaiGirl207) or post your question in the Instruction and Training forum on the board.

Page Last Updated: February 23, 2005