Advanced: Intro to Spells

Spells can be used to assign elements to your creatures. Each creature can only have up to two elements. Each element has certain characteristics and will allow users to learn attacks of that element. Element spells are contained within a pyramidal box, and once released will take effect permanently. Upon using a spell, a creature will gain an elemental marking somewhere on its body, as well as change in appearance slightly. Some of the appearance changes given by the spells can be overridden by later application of potions, but elemental markings never go away. Upon using an elemental spell, creatures will also learn a basic attack of their element. This attack cannot be learned from any attack book.

Elemental attacks are attacks that a creature can learn only after it has used an element spell. Upon using an elemental spell, a creature will learn a basic attack for it's element. Then, for each element, there is a series of attacks that creatures of that element can learn. Each elemental series has its own page; to reach the series for a given element, use the links on the menu to the right.

Elemental Spells Available at Eorl's Honor

Elemental Spells Maintained at Eorl's Honor

*Note: These elemental spells are currently unavailable for purchase. These elements are maintained by Eorl's Honor to allow Eorlan already of these elements to battle and learn attacks.

Now that you've learned about elemental spells, you should move on to learn the complexities of elemental battle.

Page Last Updated: January 27, 2005