Element of Sonic

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Augmented
Status: Uncommon
Price: 60

*Note: This elemental spell was previously available at Eorl's Pride and is now being maintained at Eorl's Honor. Therefore, any Eorl's Pride elemental attacks can be redeemed at Eorl's Honor during additions. This element is only being maintained by Eorl's Honor; there will be no new elementals of this element until it is activated.

Sonic Elementals are the result of augmented speed. They are also privy to extremely heightened senses, especially those of sight, smell, and hearing. These creatures love to run fast, feeling the wind rush past them, and therefore, they make ready friends with Wind Elementals. They are friendly, easygoing, and very energetic, and they often have a strong competitive streak. Sonic Elementals will gain a purple aura, glowing eyes, and may experience a change in stance.

Sonic Attacks

Basic Attack: Speedy Bump -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Sonic Rush 55 DamageStrength: 30, Speed: 30201510
Reverberating Wave 60 Damage; does 20 Damage on the next two turnsStrength: 35, Speed: 35, Intelligence: 25302520
Sonic Boom 80 DamageStrength: 45, Speed: 40, Intelligence: 35403530
Speed Barrier 90 Damage; opponent's next attack does half Damage; may only be used 1x per battleStrength: 45, Speed: 50, Intelligence: 40454035
Non-Damaging Attacks
Dodge user can dodge attacks of 40 Damage or higher, effects still apply; may only be used 3x per battleIntelligence: 40302520

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: None (-0%)
Blood: None (-0%)
Caffeine: None (-0%)
Cell: None (-0%)
Chaos: None (-0%)
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: None (-0%)
Dark: None (-0%)
Dark Fire: None (-0%)
Data: None (-0%)
Death: None (-0%)
Decay: None (-0%)
Earth: +10%
Electricity: +10%
Evil: None (-0%)
Fire: None (-0%)
Flint: None (-0%)
Glory: None (-0%)
Good: None (-0%)
Gravity: -20%
Honor: None (-0%)
Ice: None (-0%)
Insanity: -10%
Jewel: -10%
Lava: None (-0%)
Life: None (-0%)
Light: None (-0%)
Moon: None (-0%)
Paranoia: None (-0%)
Plant: None (-0%)
Poison: None (-0%)
Portal: +10%
Pride: None (-0%)
Psychic: None (-0%)
Radioactive: None (-0%)
Rainbow: None (-0%)
Slytherin: None (-0%)
Sonic: No Effect (-100%)
Starlight: None (-0%)
Steel: None (-0%)
Storm: None (-0%)
Sun: None (-0%)
Time: -15%
Water: None (-0%)
White Starlight: None (-0%)
Wind: None (-0%)

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