Element of Psychic

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Augmented
Status: Uncommon
Price: 55

Psychic is the result of highly augmented Intelligence. Psychic Elementals are varied in nature, and each elemental has different powers. Some can use telepathy, others telekinesis, and others can be psychic (see the future). Creatures of this element will develop orb-like pupils and may alter in appearance or lose physical armor (but the value of the lost armor is added to their base Defense stat). Power auras may be visible, depending on the temperment of the creature.

Psychic Attacks

Basic Attack: Headache -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Mind BindDamage 40; opponent cannot move on their next turn; may only be used 3x per battleIntelligence: 50302520
Mind WarpDamage 70Intelligence: 60403530
Psychic TerrorDamage 95; may only be used 3x per battleIntelligence: 80504540
Non-Damaging Attacks
Hypnosisopponent is hypnotized and cannot attack; opponent must flip a coin each turn (heads: still hypnotized, tails: breaks free)Intelligence: 40252015
Fatigueopponent's Defense decreases by 10% of current value; damaging attacks on opponent's next turn do half damageIntelligence: 70302520

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: None (-0%)
Blood: None (-0%)
Caffeine: None (-0%)
Cell: None (-0%)
Chaos: -10%
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: +25%
Dark: +10%
Dark Fire: +10%
Data: -10%
Death: -10%
Decay: None (-0%)
Earth: None (-0%)
Electricity: None (-0%)
Evil: +15%
Fire: None (-0%)
Flint: None (-0%)
Glory: +15%
Good: +15%
Gravity: +20%
Honor: +15%
Ice: None (-0%)
Insanity: -25%
Jewel: None (-0%)
Lava: None (-0%)
Life: None (-0%)
Light: None (-0%)
Moon: None (-0%)
Paranoia: +20%
Plant: None (-0%)
Poison: None (-0%)
Portal: None (-0%)
Pride: +15%
Psychic: No Effect (-100%)
Radioactive: None (-0%)
Rainbow: None (-0%)
Slytherin: None (-0%)
Sonic: None (-0%)
Starlight: None (-0%)
Steel: None (-0%)
Storm: None (-0%)
Sun: None (-0%)
Time: None (-0%)
Water: None (-0%)
White Starlight: None (-0%)
Wind: None (-0%)

Page last updated: June 19, 2004