Non-Battling Eorlan


ID#: ep027m
Clan of Eorl's Pride
Dark red male, red eyes, Double Horns, Claws, Sabre Fangs, Back Fins, Devil's Tail
Halloween Eorlan Trade

Notes: Diablo-chan, who by far prefers to be called "Diablo", likes to live up to his name. He sometimes has fits of malice, and he tends to lurk in the shadows and avoid others unless he has some interest in them. He can be harsh and violent, and he will sometimes play mind games if he is in the mood. For that reason, he doesn't have many friends, and the other creatures of Eorl's Honor have to spend time keeping an eye on him so he doesn't cause too much trouble.

Cumulative RPP: 5

Eorl's Pride

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