The Nowhere Realm Battle Coalition

The Nowhere Realm Battle Coalition (NRBC) is a group of cyber creature adoption sites that all battle their creatures in a place known as The Nowhere Realm.

The battle system they use was originally designed by Indy, Clan Leader of Eorl's Honor. The site opened in 2002 along with a sister site, Eorl's Pride. These two sites sold creatures known as Eorlan to marketeers on various cyber pet markets. Eventually, the system outgrew the markets, and in 2004, the sites became completely seperate, using the Nowhere Realm as their home base. Later that year, Eorl's Honor began accepting affiliate sites, sites that would create different battling creatures that would use the same battling system as the Eorlan, thus enabling all the creatures from the different creators to battle against each other. All the affiliated sites became known as the NRBC.

New affiliate sites are slowly being accepted into the NRBC. In the future, there will be many different types of creatures that use the NRBC battling system. Cyber adopters can train these creatures to better their battling abilities and teach them new attacks, change their appearance, or even give them elemental affiliations. All activities of the NRBC take place at The Nowhere Realm, but each member site has its own website. These affiliated sites are listed below. If you have any questions about the NRBC, please contact Indy.

Members of the NRBC:

Eorl's Honor

Nai's Glory

Iern's Spirit

Tyr's Fury

Diar's Wrath

The Nowhere Realm


Gone but Not Forgotten:

Contact: Indy
AIM: indyana207 or SaiGirl207

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