Pronounced "NAME-less"
English language, chosen for her refusal to be defined

Species: Eorlan
ID#: eh57f
Clan of Eorl's Honor
Tribe of Eternal Journeys
Blue female, Fire eyes
Fire Points
Stage: 1.0
Additions: none

Life Points: 140

Strength: 45 (every 5 turns my Defense drops by 10% of the original value; I may only use 5 damaging attacks in a row before I must rest or use a non-damaging attack)
Speed: 45
Intelligence: 55 (Level 2)
Cunning: 50 (every 4 turns I may attack twice)
Defense: 50

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage

Redrawn: 05/06/04

Notes: Our little girl has grown up! She still hasn't had any additions, but Nameless is ready to start battling and get out to explore the world. Her job as a Storyteller and Keeper of Records will keep her on the lookout for interesting information, and she's excited to finally be big enough to explore on her own.

February 28, 2005: The new addition up next to Nameless is her new pet Kit, Coruscant. She saw him on the Exchange and immediately fell in love with him. Thanks to Phoenyx Fyre for him!

Battle Record: 4-2-0

Cumulative Battle Record: 4-2-0

Cumulative Stat Awards: +25 Life Points, +30 Experience Points

Cumulative RPP: 59


Kit © Phoenyx Fyre
Roses and Starlilies © Talia

Page Last Updated: 6 December 2005