Elemental Mixtures

Elements are tricky things. Occasionally, when two elements are used on one creature, a mixing of the two will occur. The term "elemental mixture" is used in this case to refer to a mixing that is only partial, thereby creating a Dual Elemental with different abilities. Very occasionally two elements will mix completely and form an element that is classed as one distinct element. Dark Fire Elementals are an example of this (note: this is not the same as a Dual Dark-Fire Elemental). Here is a list of the currently known elemental mixtures:

Please note, when a creature learns mixed elemental attacks, these attacks must be adjusted by the average of the adjustment values for the creature's elements. For example, a damaging Obsidian attack would be adjusted by the average of the adjustments for the Lava attacks and the Ice attacks. If you adjusted your Lava attacks by +10% and your Ice attacks by +15%, then you would adjust your Obsidian attacks by the average: (10 + 15)/2 = 25/2 = 12.5, which rounds to 13%. The adjustment value for your damaging Obsidian attacks is +13%.

Page last updated: June 19, 2004