Element of Life

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Constant
Status: Extremely Rare
Price: 80

The Element of Life is a Constant, and therefore, Life Elemental creatures do not battle readily. They are usually quiet and reserved, and they respect all life. They try not to get involved, leaving the world to turn on its own, but occasionally they will interfere on the behalf of Life, especially if Evil and the other negative forces are making trouble and disturbing the balance. Creatures using this spell will lose current armor (but have the value of the lost armor added to their base Defense stat). They will develop a set or more of wispy, fog-like wings. Their eyes will become bright and glowing, and they will develop long hair all over their bodies. Their coloration may become altered as well, and they may gain jewelry.

Life Attacks

Basic Attack: Energy Call -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Inner StrikeDamage 60Strength: 50, Speed: 50, Intelligence: 50302520
Endless CircleDamage 65; opponent must use the same attack next turn as they did on their last turn, may only be used 5x per battleStrength: 50, Intelligence: 70403530
Sound of CreationDamage 90Strength: 70, Intelligence: 60, Defense: 70504540
Non-Damaging Attacks
Serenityuser's Defense increases by 20% of current stat; may only be used 3x per battleIntelligence: 60, Defense: 50302520
Standing in Gloryif opponent's Life Points are lower than user's, they may not attack on their next turn; if opponent's Life Points are higher than user's, their Life Points drop to equal the user's Life Points; may only be used 3x per battleStrength: 60, Intelligence: 50, Defense: 60403530

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: -15%
Blood: -15%
Caffeine: -10%
Cell: +25%
Chaos: -20%
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: None (-0%)
Dark: +10%
Dark Fire: +20%
Data: None (-0%)
Death: +50%
Decay: +25%
Earth: -10%
Electricity: None (-0%)
Evil: None (-0%)
Fire: None (-0%)
Flint: None (-0%)
Glory: None (-0%)
Good: None (-0%)
Gravity: None (-0%)
Honor: -10%
Ice: None (-0%)
Insanity: None (-0%)
Jewel: -25%
Lava: None (-0%)
Life: No Effect (-100%)
Light: -15%
Moon: None (-0%)
Paranoia: None (-0%)
Plant: -10%
Poison: -20%
Portal: None (-0%)
Pride: None (-0%)
Psychic: None (-0%)
Radioactive: -15%
Rainbow: None (-0%)
Slytherin: +15%
Sonic: None (-0%)
Starlight: None (-0%)
Steel: None (-0%)
Storm: None (-0%)
Sun: None (-0%)
Time: -20%
Water: None (-0%)
White Starlight: None (-0%)
Wind: None (-0%)

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