Karupo: Stage 1.0

Indigo male, violet eyes
Additions: none

Life Points: 100

Strength: 35
Speed: 40
Intelligence: 30
Cunning: 35
Defense: 20

Gnaw -- 30 Damage
Bellow -- lowers opponent's Defense 10% of original value each time used

Obtained: 05/20/04

Notes: This little cub is our first resident Naisuk here at Eorl's Honor. So far, he has generally been curious but quiet. He keeps to himself, but I am convinced that he will come out of his shell once he feels more comfortable. He frequently makes trips through the portals to visit his homeland and the Neutral Territory.

Battle Record: Stage 1.0: 0-3-0

Cumulative Battle Record: 0-3-0

Cumulative Stat Awards: +0 Life Points, +0 Experience Points

Cumulative RPP: 0


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Last Updated: January 29, 2005