Element of Jewel

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Dual Derived
Status: Rare
Price: 70

*Note: This elemental spell was previously available at Eorl's Pride and is now being maintained at Eorl's Honor. Therefore, any Eorl's Pride elemental attacks can be redeemed at Eorl's Honor during additions. This element is only being maintained by Eorl's Honor; there will be no new elementals of this element until it is activated.

The Element of Jewel is derived from Earth and Light, and it is the result of extended periods of time and very high heat. Jewel Elementals are therefore very patient and laid-back individuals, and prefer to be in warm, comfortable places. Some may feel drawn to caves and other enclosed areas while others prefer to bask in the sunlight. These elementals are strong, smart, and deadly, and they are rarely to be reasoned with. Jewel Elementals will lose all prior coloration, instead sprouting a shiny coat in the color of their corresponding jewel. They will also lose pupils, instead having solid-colored, jewel-like eyes in the same color. All Jewel Elementals have a power object containing their jewel type (Ruby, Amethyst, etc.) and therefore there are many sub-types of Jewel Elementals. Each jewel results in a different effect on the Elemental's pre-existing appearance, stats, and attacks.

Jewel Attacks

Basic Attack: Blinding Sparkle -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Gem Chip 45 DamageStrength: 30, Speed: 2525105
Diamond Claw 50 Damage; augmented to 60 Damage with Claws; augmented to 65 Damage with TalonsStrength: 40, Speed: 35302520
Sparp Crystal 70 DamageStrength: 40, Speed: 35353025
Lab-Created 100 Damage; user's Life Points drop to 10; may only be used 1x per battleStrength: 45, Speed: 40, Intelligence: 40504540
Non-Damaging Attacks
Brilliant Facet opponent's next attack is decreased by 50%Intelligence: 35403530

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: None (-0%)
Blood: None (-0%)
Caffeine: None (-0%)
Cell: None (-0%)
Chaos: None (-0%)
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: None (-0%)
Dark: +15%
Dark Fire: +10%
Data: -10%
Death: None (-0%)
Decay: None (-0%)
Earth: None (-0%)
Electricity: -10%
Evil: None (-0%)
Fire: None (-0%)
Flint: -10%
Glory: None (-0%)
Good: None (-0%)
Gravity: -15%
Honor: None (-0%)
Ice: None (-0%)
Insanity: None (-0%)
Jewel: No Effect (-100%)
Lava: -10%
Life: None (-0%)
Light: -20%
Moon: +20%
Paranoia: None (-0%)
Plant: -10%
Poison: None (-0%)
Portal: None (-0%)
Pride: None (-0%)
Psychic: None (-0%)
Radioactive: None (-0%)
Rainbow: None (-0%)
Slytherin: None (-0%)
Sonic: None (-0%)
Starlight: None (-0%)
Steel: -10%
Storm: None (-0%)
Sun: -25%
Time: -15%
Water: None (-0%)
White Starlight: None (-0%)
Wind: None (-0%)

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