Pronounce the "zh" as a soft, French "J" sound, "EGE-no"
Native American origin, "he walks alone"

Species: Eorlan
ID#: ep049m
Clan of Eorl's Pride
Tribe of Eternal Journeys
Dark Cloud male, dark red eyes
Shaggy Coat
Ruby Necklace
Psychic Elemental
Stage: 2.1
Additions: Back Spikes, Element of Psychic, Mind Bind Attack, Hypnosis Attack, Fatigue Attack, Charge Attack, Roar Attack

Life Points: 220

Strength: 75 (every 8 turns my Defense drops by 10% of the original value; I may only use 8 damaging attacks in a row before I must rest or use a non-damaging attack)
Speed: 75
Intelligence: 80 (Level 2)
Cunning: 78 (every 4 turns I may attack twice)
Defense: 83

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage
Bite -- 50 Damage
Charge -- 60 Damage; damage to self inflicted each time used (10% of original Life Point value)
Roar -- lowers opponent's Defense by 20% of original stat each time used; may only be used 3x per battle

Psychic Attacks:
Headache -- 40 Damage
Mind Bind -- 40 Damage; opponent cannot move on their next turn; may only be used 3x per battle
Hypnosis -- opponent is hypnotized; opponent must flip a coin each turn (heads: still hypnotized, tails: breaks free)
Fatigue -- opponent's Defense decreases by 10% of current value; damaging attacks on opponent's next turn do half damage

Redrawn: 07/13/03

Notes: Ezhno is finally a Psychic Elemental! Ezhno's Back Spikes were absorbed by the Element of Psychic, augmenting his Defense. A power aura is clearly visible around him.

Battle Record: Stage 2.1: 6-1-0

Cumulative Battle Record: 14-3-0

Cumulative Stat Awards: +70 Life Points, +85 Experience Points

Cumulative RPP: 116


Ezhno comes from Eorl's Pride

Plushie © Eraeria

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