Basic: Eorlan

Clancy, Stage 1.0, an Eorlan pup

So, what are Eorlan (ay-OR-lan, AIR-lan)? Eorlan are the creatures we battle. They are warm-blooded mammals, generally canine in appearance. Their name means "little warrior". The diet of an Eorlan is largely filled with meat and supplemented with other food sources. They are very intelligent and are capable of barks, growls, and howls as well as vocal human speech. Some special Eorlan are gifted with telepathic abilities. Eorlan raised by Eorl's Honor mostly speak aloud. In the wild, Eorlan live in closely knit groups called Tribes and large conglomerations called Clans. They are social in nature and love competition. Even in the wild they battle and use magic to alter their skills, in an effort to become higher-ranked members of their Tribes. Wild Eorlan often look for trainers to help them on their way and leave their Tribes in search of magical items or success. The Clan of Eorl's Honor is a large coalition of Eorlan Tribes led by Indy. This Clan helps pups find suitable trainers and helps them succeed in life and grow to strong, happy adults.

This type of Clan is not unique to Eorl's Honor. The Clan of Eorl's Pride, run by Jules, also represents a large group of Eorlan and helps their pups find trainers. Other battling creatures too have their own large groups. All the battling creatures work closely together toward their goals and share many resources. All the creatures can battle together, and many of the items from different affiliate sites are interchangable between species. Each group, however, may sell different types of attacks, spells, and objects. Some items can only be used on certain species, while others can be used by all species. All affiliate groups use the same board for all their activities and sales. It is your choice which group you want to start out with; the group you sign up with gives you your first creature, and after that, you can interact with any groups you wish.

You will obtain your first Eorlan pup for free when you sign up with Eorl's Honor (instructions for getting started are later! Please finish reading the Basic information first). Later, you may choose to buy other creatures to train and raise, from any affiliate group, with the quox you will earn battling and roleplaying on our board.

Eorlan all start out as small, relatively untrained creatures. The Eorlan you will first receive when you join will be a pup, an intermediate Eorlan age. Pups are given out at Stage 1.0, and their following stages are notated as 1.1, 1.2, etc. A pup will move to a higher stage when it receives additions from magical items and its appearance is altered. Pups are old enough to have stats and battle. They grow to adults by battling and getting experience in life at the Battlefield and its role playing board.

Younger, smaller Eorlan are called puppies. Puppies do not have stats, cannot battle, and are very dependent on their caretaker; therefore, they are not commonly given out. Their stages are notated as 0.0, 0.1. etc. Puppies grow to be pups by watching other Eorlan battle, roleplaying, and having a good caretaker. If you somehow end up with an Eorlan puppy, you should bring it to battles with your other Eorlan (and post that it is watching the battle, because how else would the Clan Leader know it is there?). Also, puppies can benefit from being taken on hunts and to festivals, as well as playing on the role playing board at the Battlefield.

Eorlan older than puppies and pups are adults. They are larger and more powerful. They will not battle with pups. Their stages are notated as 2.0, 2.1, etc. Adults are the end form for most Eorlan.

When you get an Eorlan pup, it comes with a set of stats. These are your stats used for battling. To increase your Eorlan's stats, you must battle your Eorlan to gain experience. You may also buy items such as potions, new attacks, weaponry, armor, and spells when they are sold. These things are added to your Eorlan, and some of them alter your Eorlan's defense and attack abilities. Others are simply for appearance changes. Whenever additions of items alter your Eorlan's appearance, you will receive a new stage.

You battle your Eorlan against others on The Battlefield. The Battle code and techniques will be described later in the Basic section. The Battlefield is not only a place to battle but also a source of information and news from the different groups. Periodically, the Clan Leader will review the battlers on the Battlefield and award Experience Points and Life Points. These points are used to increase your Eorlan's stats, thereby increasing their battling ability. More about these stat additions is explained in the Basic Battle section.

Do you have to battle your Eorlan? It is pretty much the main way of earning quox on the board and is the only way to improve your Eorlan's stats. If you want, however, you may purchase an Eorlan and simply buy appearance traits you desire, earning money through roleplaying. Keep in mind, however, that it will be harder to earn quox through roleplaying than it is through battling. Your Eorlan's stats will not increase, and it will be weak. It will not be able to handle heavy armor or weaponry. It also may not grow to adulthood, or, if it does, it may take a long time. Eorlan are fighting creatures by nature, and they prefer healthy competition. Also, you can win quox by battling your Eorlan against other trainers (if they put a wager on the match) or participating in the clan's competitions. All in all, the point of this is to have fun raising and battling your Eorlan.

Now, let's move on to learn about Eorlan stats.

Page last updated: May 19, 2004