Element of Electricity

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Cardinal Derived
Status: Common
Price: 50

*Note: This elemental spell was previously available at Eorl's Pride. Therefore, any Eorl's Pride elemental plaques/potions/attacks can be redeemed at Eorl's Honor during additions.

The Element of Electricity, derived from Light, is very closely related to both Storm and Data, and as such, these three Elemental types can often be found in close company. Electricity Elementals are full of energy and require constant attention, especially during battling. These Eorlan are more powerful than they give themselves credit for, and, if combined with other Elements, can be very unpredictable. Electricity Elementals will gain an electrical sparkle throughout their coats and a static mane.

Electricity Attacks

Basic Attack: Violent Shock -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Ball of Electricity50 DamageStrength: 30, Speed: 10201510
Shooting Sparks55 DamageStrength: 35, Speed: 20252015
Electrocution65 Damage; causes opponent's Defense to drop 10% of original value after Damage is taken.Strength: 40, Speed: 30, Intelligence: 20353025
Strong Current65 Damage; causes 20 Damage on next two turns; rules regarding number of times a damaging attack can be used do not apply to the aftereffects of this move (this attack may be augmented later on, as the creature matures); may only be used 3x per battleStrength: 45, Speed: 35, Intelligence: 35403530
Non-Damaging Attacks
Super Chargeincreases next attack by 10 Damage, if next attack is a damaging attackIntelligence: 30252015
Forcefieldopponents next attack is decreased by 50% Damage/effectIntelligence: 40302520

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: None (-0%)
Blood: +10%
Caffeine: None (-0%)
Cell: +10%
Chaos: None (-0%)
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: -10%
Dark: +10%
Dark Fire: +5%
Data: +15%
Death: None (-0%)
Decay: -15%
Earth: -25%
Electricity: No Effect (-100%)
Evil: None (-0%)
Fire: None (-0%)
Flint: +10%
Glory: None (-0%)
Good: None (-0%)
Gravity: None (-0%)
Honor: None (-0%)
Ice: +15%
Insanity: -20%
Jewel: -25%
Lava: -15%
Life: None (-0%)
Light: -10%
Moon: +10%
Paranoia: None (-0%)
Plant: -15%
Poison: None (-0%)
Portal: +15%
Pride: None (-0%)
Psychic: None (-0%)
Radioactive: None (-0%)
Rainbow: -10%
Slytherin: None (-0%)
Sonic: -10%
Starlight: +10%
Steel: +20%
Storm: -10%
Sun: -10%
Time: -10%
Water: +15%
White Starlight: None (-0%)
Wind: None (-0%)

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Last Updated: September 12, 2004