Expert: Elders

There are rumors of larger, more powerful forms of Eorlan. It is said that these Eorlan have surpassed their original forms and become larger and stronger. It is not known how adult Eorlan can become Elders. Only the wisest and strongest do so. Elders are said to be so powerful that no Eorlan except other Elders can battle them. They are said to resemble what they once were as adult Eorlan, but on an augmented scale. They develop attacks like their older attacks but much more powerful.

Elders are rare. There are currently no Elders in the Clans of Eorl's Honor or Eorl's Pride. If you are lucky enough to encounter one in a hunt or quest, always be reverent and respectful, and do not offer to train them! Elders have far surpassed any skills you could teach them. If you are respectful and show proper honor and courage, they may bless you with items or powers.

Page last updated: May 19, 2004