Ezhno: Stage 2.0

Dark Cloud male, dark red eyes
Shaggy Coat
Ruby Necklace
Additions: Ruby Necklace, Bite Attack

Life Points: 180

Strength: 60
Speed: 55
Intelligence: 75
Cunning: 65
Defense: 60

Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense 10% of original value each time used
Nip -- 30 Damage
Bite -- 50 Damage

Redrawn: 05/21/03 by Jules

Notes: Ezhno is now an adult. Soon, he will use his Element of Psychic and begin his life as a true Psychic Elemental. Until then, he pretty much watches over the others, especially the puppies. :)

Battle Record: Stage 2.0: 1-1-0

Cumulative Battle Record: 8-2-0

Cumulative Stat Awards: +30 Life Points, +40 Experience Points

Cumulative RPP: 69


Ezhno comes from Eorl's Pride

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