Element of Dark Fire

Elemental Symbol:
Class: Dual Cardinal Derived
Status: Rare
Price: May only be found in roleplays and hunts

The Element of Dark Fire is a derivative of Dark and Fire. Dark Fire elementals are interesting in that they can create an unnatural force, fire that can radiate darkness or cold. Creatures of this element can range the spectrum from cold and heartless to fiery tempered and passionate. Creatures using this element will develop a fiery mane and tail tuft. They may also develop darker eyes, hollow eyes, hair, Back Fins, or draconic wings.

Dark Fire Attacks

Basic Attack: Ghost Fire -- 40 Damage

AttackPictureEffects & LimitationsRequirementsPricing Levels
Damaging Attacks123
Cold Daggers60 Damage; ALWAYS hits, no matter what move opponent has used on last turn (i.e. even if opponent's attack says "next attack misses" or "accuracy is reduced", this attack can hit. Does not defeat anything like "opponent cannot attack on next turn" however); may only be used 5x per battleStrength: 40, Intelligence: 40, Cunning: 35   
Icy Blast80 DamageStrength: 65   
Non-Damaging Attacks
Flare UpNext Dark Fire attack is +25% Damage/effect (attack does not have to be on next turn)Strength: 40, Defense: 40   
Deep Freezeopponent is frozen for one turn; on turns thereafter, opponent must flip a coin (Heads: still frozen and cannot attack, Tails: released and can attack)Strength: 45, Cunning: 50    
Mixed Attacks
Dark Circle65 Damage; opponent's accuracy is decreased on next turn, opponent must flip a coin for each attack they use (Heads: opponent's attack hits, Tails: opponent's attack misses)Strength: 50, Intelligence: 60, Cunning: 60   

Damage Adjustment Values

Biohazard: +10%
Blood: +30%
Caffeine: +20%
Cell: +30%
Chaos: -15%
Cloud: None (-0%)
Cosmos: +10%
Dark: +50%
Dark Fire: No Effect (-100%)
Data: -10%
Death: None (-0%)
Decay: +15%
Earth: +20%
Electricity: +10%
Evil: None (-0%)
Fire: +15%
Flint: +30%
Glory: None (-0%)
Good: None (-0%)
Gravity: None (-0%)
Honor: None (-0%)
Ice: +10%
Insanity: -10%
Jewel: +25%
Lava: +10%
Life: +15%
Light: +25%
Moon: -25%
Paranoia: +10%
Plant: +10%
Poison: None (-0%)
Portal: -15%
Pride: None (-0%)
Psychic: None (-0%)
Radioactive: None (-0%)
Rainbow: +15%
Slytherin: -20%
Sonic: None (-0%)
Starlight: +15%
Steel: +10%
Storm: None (-0%)
Sun: +25%
Time: None (-0%)
Water: None (-0%)
White Starlight: +15%
Wind: -10%

Last Updated: June 26, 2004