Expert: Breeding

Eorlan breeding is an art and should not be undertaken lightly. By careful manipulation of traits and genes, you can breed stronger, healthier puppies with good traits. Careless breeding will not improve the Eorlan gene pool and is frowned upon. Often, Eorlan breeders will work with Eorlan Tribes, since that is the best way to get rare and interesting traits in the puppies.

An Eorlan breeding requires two adult Eorlan, one male and one female. Each Eorlan pairing is only allowed to have one breeding per every three rounds (meaning that if you breed two Eorlan, you may not breed that pair again for the next two rounds). Female Eorlan can only breed every other round (hey, it's hard work carrying around and caring for puppies!) Eorlan do not mate for life, so different pairings are allowed. There are two types of breeding: one type for Eorlan in a Tribe, and one type for non-Tribe Eorlan.

Breedings can be gotten only when they are offered. There will be a post made in the Exchange by the Clan Leader when they are offering breedings.

Non-Tribe Breedings

Includes situations where parents are not in Tribes, only one parent is in a Tribe, or parents are in different Tribes.

Price: 75q
Puppies: 1-4

Two owners may split the cost of the breeding if the Eorlan have different owners or one owner can pay it all. If the Eorlan are owned by two different trainers, both trainers must reply to the breeding post. Chance of mutations in the puppies is low unless the parents carry latent genes. Each owner involed may choose one puppy to keep (if only one owner is involved, they only get one). The rest of the puppies are kept by the Clan Leader until they grow to pups, then sold. You may try to buy them back, but you get no preferential treatment.

Tribe Breedings

Includes situations where parents are both in the same Tribe.

Price: 50q
Puppies: 2-6

Each Tribe is allowed one breeding spot in each round of breedings, regardless of how many spaces are open. Each Tribe may only submit one pair per breeding round. Any owner involved in the Tribe can chip in money for the breeding, as long as the full price is paid. All trainers involved must reply to the breeding post. Chance of mutations grows higher as the size of the Tribe grows. Also, chances that special traits will be passed down increase. Puppies will be marked with both their Clan symbol and their Tribe symbol. The owner(s) of the breeding Eorlan pair must decide what to do with the puppies. Choices include keeping them, giving them to other owners involved in the Tribe, or selling them back to their Clan Leader for quox. Note: Puppies cannot be given as gifts to owners not involved in the Tribe! It is often a good idea to decide the fate of the puppies before requesting a breeding, as this can prevent arguments later.

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot do for breedings, please email me.

Page Last Updated: January 27, 2005