Advanced: Elemental Battle

Once you've had experience in normal battle, elemental battle will be easy to learn. When elementals battle non-elementals, you battle just as usual. Elemental attacks have the customary damage on non-elemental Eorlan. When two elementals battle, however, there are adjustment factors you must take into account, as elements interact in different ways. The first step is to determine the element of the attacks your Eorlan will be using and the element of your opponent's Eorlan. Then, visit the page for your Eorlan's element and locate the adjustment value for your opponent's element.

Once you have determined the value you need, you may continue. The value tells you how to adjust your elemental, damaging attacks. For example, let's say that your Eorlan is using Water elemental attacks, and your opponent's Eorlan is a Lava elemental. The adjustment value on the Water page for Lava is +25%. Therefore, you take the damage ratings for your Water elemental damaging attacks (and only your Water elemental damaging attacks, not the non-damaging ones), and you alter them by +25%. If you have a Water attack that does 55 Damage, the formula would be (55 + [25% of 55]) = 55 + (.25 X 55) = 55 + (13.75) = 68.75, which rounds to 69 Damage now for your Water attack. Once you have altered all your damaging Water attacks in this manner, and your opponent has altered their attacks in the correct manner, you will be ready to battle. (In this case, the Lava elemental Eorlan would have to alter all their Lava elemental damaging attacks by a factor of -25%... and that, kiddies, is why Lava elementals should not battle Water elementals unless they have some good general attacks and Defense.)

Now, since Eorlan can have up to two elements, a question arises about dual elementals. If you are a dual battling a single elemental, the adjustments work the same way, and you just have to adjust your two different attack types accordingly. For example, if you are a Steel-Storm dual elemental battling a Water elemental, go to the Steel page and find the value for Water. Adjust your Steel damaging attacks by this value. Go to the Storm page and find the value for Water. Adjust your Storm attacks by this value.

If you are battling a dual elemental, however, things get more complicated. You must adjust your attacks using the average of the two adjustment factors for both of your opponent's elements. For example, let's say you are a Water elemental, and you are trying to adjust your Water element attacks for battle with an Steel-Storm dual elemental Eorlan. The values given on the Water page are +15% adjustment when battling Steel and -10% adjustment when battling Storm. Now, we average the two adjustments: ([15-10]/2) = 5/2 = 2.5, which rounds up to 3%. Therefore, you need to adjust your Water attacks by +3%. So, using our 55 Damage Water attack as an example again, we get: (55 + [3% of 55]) = 55 + (.03 X 55) = 55 + (1.65) = 56.65, which rounds to 57 Damage. Not a lot in this case, but in other cases, the values will be higher. Once you have adjusted your elemental attacks using this method, and your opponent has altered their elemental attacks, you will be ready to battle.

Remember, you only adjust the damage amounts for elemental damaging attacks. If you are a dual elemental, you will have to adjust both sets of attacks independently (adjust Element #1 by the value given on Element #1's page; adjust Element #2 by the value given on Element #2's page). If your opponent is a dual elemental, you will have to average the adjustment values for his two elements (get the two values from your element's page, add them together, then divide by two). If you both are dual elementals, you will have to adjust two different sets of attacks by the average of two different adjustment values for your opponent's elements.

Finally, an important note, if your Eorlan has elemental mixture attacks, they must be adjusted by the average of the two adjustment values for your elemental attacks. For example, if your Eorlan has Obsidian attacks (elemental mixture of Lava and Ice), you will have to adjust the Obsidian damaging attacks by the average of the adjustment values you got for your Lava and Ice attacks (add them together, divide by 2).

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact me (email: , AIM: indyana207) or ask a question in the Instruction and Training section of the Battlefield. This can be a complicated topic, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Doing it wrong is much worse than having to get help, especially if you later want to participate in Tournaments.

Page Last Updated: September 20, 2004