Basic: Introduction

So, what is this all about? Well, simply put, this is a battle game. Originally, the game was started by Eorl's Honor, led by Indy, and Eorl's Pride, led by Jules. They raised the first battling creatures in the game, the Eorlan. Now, the game has been expanding, and there are other affiliate sites involved. All the creatures involved in the game use the battling system originally designed at Eorl's Honor.

As I just mentioned, the creatures we battle here at Eorl's Honor are called Eorlan. These canines can grow and change through gaining experience and using magical items. When you start out, you are given a basic Eorlan pup. You battle and roleplay this pup on our message board, The Nowhere Realm. The pup gains experience, which will be awarded in the form of Life and Experience Points. These points will add to your Eorlan's battle stats. If you roleplay your pup, the roleplaying experience will count towards growth and help your Eorlan grow to adulthood.

As you battle and roleplay, you will also be earning money, called quox (singular and plural). The more you battle and roleplay, the more quox you will earn. These quox can be used to buy magical items, trade or bet with other players, or even buy more battling creatures. The quox are the exchange currency on the board, and all the different affiliate sites use quox as their currency.

Through the pages of this site, you will learn all about Eorlan and how they can grow and change, as well as learn about the items offered by Eorl's Honor. Please start with the Basic section and work your way through from there. As always, if you have questions, feel free to visit the board and post them in the Instruction & Training forum.

Now, how about learning more about Eorlan?

Page last updated: May 19, 2004