Advanced: Introduction

There are many items that can help your Eorlan change and grow. Items such as potions, armor, weaponry, attacks, and spells can be used to change your Eorlan's appearance, defense and attack abilities, and element. The different items are all discussed in the this section. These items can be obtained through sales, battles, contests, and hunts.

When you first obtain Eorl's Honor items, they will look like this:

Notice the little sword in the corner of the images. This is the official Clan symbol for Eorl's Honor. All items with this symbol are made by me and must be added to your creatures by me. When you wish to use your items, visit the Eorl's Honor Updates forum and look at the "Indy's To-Do List" post. If I am accepting additions, there will be instructions for emailing me. If I am not accepting additions, you will have to wait until I am to use your Eorl's Honor items.

When I do your creature's additions, I will draw a new stage for your creature if need be and alter their stats to reflect the change. You will be given any pertinent information about the changes your creature has undergone. You will also be given patches describing the changes in your creature, like these:

These items will reflect the exact nature of the change. Some of these are hard to see on this background, so why don't we put them in a table with a different background color?:

As you can see, these patches represent a Scratch Attack, a green Color Addition, a Thick Coat armor, a blue Eye Color Addition, and a Coat Mutation. Notice that when set next to each other, the patches join together, like a quilt. In this way, you can make a graphic tapestry of all the changes your creature has undergone. You will receive a set of patches each time I do additions on your creature, reflecting the changes that have occurred.

Now, one problem with the patches is that edges on the outside look incomplete. To remedy this, I have made images for all the outer corners and edges, as well as a blank quilt square to fill in any empty spaces:

Top Left Corner
Top Edge
Top Right Corner
Right Edge
Bottom Right Corner
Bottom Edge
Bottom Left Corner
Left Edge

When these images are used in the proper way, they will complete the edges of the squares inside, thus making your tapestry look more complete:

(Below, removed from the table with the different background color:)

The order of images in the top row is top left corner, top edge, top edge, top edge, top right corner. The second row is left edge, Scratch Attack, Color Addition, Thick Coat, and right edge. The third row is left edge, Eye Color Addition, Coat Mutation, blank, and right edge. The fourth and final row is bottom left corner, bottom edge, bottom edge, bottom edge, and bottom right corner.

Of course, this is pretty much for people like me who are obsessive about the whole edge thing... you can put these little patches anywhere your want, or opt to just keep text records and forget the images totally. Anyway, now that you know a little about items, why don't we get specific?

First stop: Potions.

Page Last Updated: January 25, 2005