Pronounced "add-del-LAY"
German origin, "noble kind"

Species: Eorlan
ID#: ep102f
Clan of Eorl's Pride
Tribe of Eternal Journeys
Crimson female, glowing gold eyes
Gold Star Markings, Golden Hair Tufts
Unique Neck Armor, Back Fins, Sun Head Spikes, Garnet Gem, Rhodolite Gem
Part of the Hogwarts Four: Gryffindor!
Sun Elemental
Stage 1.4
Additions: Element of Sun, Solar Flare Attack, Solar Eclipse Attack

Life Points: 170

Strength: 60 (every 6 turns my Defense drops by 10% of the original value; I may only use 6 damaging attacks in a row before I must rest or use a non-damaging attack)
Speed: 57
Intelligence: 60 (Level 2)
Cunning: 59 (every 4 turns I may attack twice)
Defense: 74 (Base: 49 + 25% from Neck Armor + 10% from Back Fins + 15% from Sun Head Spikes)

Nip -- 30 Damage
Bite -- 50 Damage
Growl -- lowers opponent's Defense by 10% of original value each time used
Roar -- lowers opponent's Defense by 20% of original value each time used; may only be used 3x per battle
Hogwarts Howl -- 40 Damage; takes 50% away from opponent's next damaging attack *Special Attack*

Sun Attacks:
Sunlight -- 40 Damage; augmented to 45 Damage if daytime
Solar Flare -- 50 Damage; augmented to 55 Damage if daytime
Solar Eclipse -- opponent's next attack misses

Redrawn: 06/25/04 by Bright Promise

Notes: Her Element of Sun Symbol is on her hip on the left side of her body. The Element of Sun has given Adelaide Sun Head Spikes on the back of her head.

Battle Record: Stage 1.4: 1-0-0

Cumulative Battle Record: 15-1-0

Cumulative Stat Awards: +70 Life Points, +85 Experience Points

Cumulative RPP: 41


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